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Meet the Team

Dr. Simon Engelke


Dr. Simon Engelke is the Founder & Chair of Battery Associates. Simon completed his Ph.D. on Lithium-ion batteries at the University of Cambridge. He is the recipient of multiple awards including the Trinity Bradfield Prize and Cambridge University Young Entrepreneur of the Year. He is a member of the Global Shapers Community and World.Minds. Simon has been invited to speak at various events including the UN Climate Change Conference (COP25) and Lindau Nobel Laureate Meeting. He served as Co-Curator of the World Economic Forum (WEF) Strategic Intelligence for Future of Energy and Batteries and as Fellow of the WEF Global Future Council on Energy Technologies.

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Joachim Schaeffer


Joachim is a PhD candidate at TU Darmstadt jointly supervised by Prof. Findeisen (TU Darmstadt) and Prof. Braatz (MIT). His research focuses on the intersection of machine learning and lithium-ion batteries. He holds a Bachelor of Science from TU Berlin, worked with remote sensing in the wind industry, and obtained a Master of Science from ETH Zurich. At ETH, Joachim co-founded the Autonomous River Cleanup Student Project, during which he successfully developed, built, and tested a large-scale robotic prototype on the Limmat in Zurich.

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Masaki Adachi


Masaki is a DPhil candidate at the University of Oxford studying machine learning for energy science supported by five international scholarships. He holds MEng from the University of Tokyo with the President’s Award. He is also a data scientist and an assistant manager at Toyota Motor Corporation, dedicated to designing/controlling next-generation batteries. The outcomes were commercialised in the 4th Prius Hybrid and e-Palette (self-driving all-electric vehicle), twice awarded the Toyota Best Research Award. Afterwards, He was a visiting scholar at the University of Cambridge to study computer vision for autonomous electric vehicles.

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Anoushka Bhutani


Anoushka is an undergraduate student at the National University of Singapore. During a Data Engineering Internship at Cuberg (now Northvolt’s Advanced Technology Center in Silicon Valley), she became interested in the use of techniques at the intersection of physics-based and data driven modelling for battery design and worked on several projects in this area.

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 Dr. Raymond Gasper


Raymond is a software engineer and data scientist with a passion for sustainable engineering. He received his Ph.D. studying materials science for applications in fuel cells, batteries, and solar panels at University of Massachusetts in 2018. Since then he has been solving software and data science problems in the auto, pharma, finance, and agriculture industries.

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